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5 tips for international SEO

il y a 2 mois

Is your business considering moving to international markets or do you want to expand your existing international business? There are many critical points to surpass and many challenges to overcome while expanding your web presence overseas. But here’s where we come in the picture. You need not look further. We would provide you excellent tips for international SEO that will greatly enhance your web views and result in increased sales output for your products and services. Some simple tips which will help you a great deal in managing your international SEO are shown below:

1) Speak their language

Today worldwide English is the leading language of communication. But reports indicate that only one in seven persons speak English and have it as their first language. So it’s of vital importance to target the audience of the region in their own language. For example, if you are looking for the Latin American market, it would be wise if you publish your content in Spanish or Portuguese languages.

2) Localization

Providing your readers specific content of their own region is the key to success for companies who want to do international SEO. As there are many cultural and ideological differences across different regions of the world, it would not suffice if you provide the same content to the whole world. For example in North America, ice hockey and American style football are extremely popular sports, while in Asia it’s seen with little interest. So it’s prudent to provide content that touches a chord with the readers and local content should be extremely high on the content priority list.

3) Be ready before embarking

Many times it’s seen that a company starts heavily promoting its website by doing large-scale international SEO work without augmenting its existing website. That results in large-scale traffic to the website which creates chaos and ultimately the website goes down as it could not handle the traffic. So it’s best to be ready with a robust website which can handle large spans of data in a short time before embarking on doing international SEO marketing work.

4) Take the help of analytics tools

By regularly reviewing analytics programs like Google Analytics, you would be able to know which regions of the world and which languages of the planet brings traffic to your site and thereby you can plan your strategy accordingly. And if you are not sure whether you are getting enough return on money that you are spending on international SEO, then Google analytics would be a great help to you.

5) Do you have the right people?

Having the right people doing your SEO work will greatly benefit your company as it will lead to a quantum increase in the traffic to your website. An agency which specializes in International SEO would be an ideal match as they would have trained translators who can arrive at appropriate keywords suitable to a specific language. Localized keywords that have enough search volume are vitally essential for the success of International SEO and here an agency can help you out.

Going global may be a mission-critical game changer for your company and it’s extremely necessary that you embark on the journey with the right resources. Check out Continuum’s competencies in targeted SEO campaigns geared to deliver apt results.

5 Strategies To Improve CLV In E-Commerce

il y a 5 mois

You must not forget that all your efforts, services, and ideas are for the optimum satisfaction of consumers.Every entrepreneur and venture owner strive hard to maximize their consumers’ satisfaction. There’s no denying that potential customers are effective resources, which can help you optimize revenues and profits. Quite naturally, business today consider customer acquisition and retention with huge importance.

So, what about the ecommerce platform? If market reports are taken as a reference, ecommerce ventures are recording a whopping 79% higher CLV compared to their brick-and-mortar counterparts. In a nutshell, they are successful in acquiring and retaining consumers along with adding value to their lives. Before we dive deep into the discussion, how about developing a quick idea on CLV or Customer Lifetime Value.

Comprehending the concept

Customer Lifetime Value is a crucial, underutilized, and underrated metric in the sales cycle. Its major association lies with consumer retention, as we know that repeat customers spend at least 67% more compared to the new ones. Your efforts in improving CLV is the key to satisfying existing customers. You will retain them, leverage them for more revenues, and save huge investments. Since CLV strategies are critical to accelerating your bottom lines, here’s what you can do to improve them!

Identify necessities and align them with buying choices

A potential customer is likely to buy a product when it appears to be essential and necessary. If you want your customers to feel that you are adding value to their lives, make sure you align their purchase behavior with necessities. Ecommerce owners often promote multiple products under the ‘frequently bought together’ tag. That presents a lucrative deal that consumers find difficult to ignore.

Understand your consumers

You might have lots of goods and services on offer. But all of them won’t be required by your target consumers. If you want to improve Customer Lifetime Value, make sure you identify their exact needs. Attend to consumers and their problems on social media platforms. That will prove to be a remarkable step towards building consumer loyalty.

Hall of fame

Create a hall-of-fame for your target consumers, audience, and visitors and let them know how important they are for your brand. Some of the leading ventures and businesses mastered this strategy and placed their consumers in the limelight. From paying attention to consumer feedbacks to improving their personal experiences, they are revolutionizing every aspect.

Ensure convenience

A repeat customer won’t like to feed in the same details and go through the laborious process of online shopping. Store their information and personalize offers for them. Once you have their details and information stored, it will be easier to execute the buying process at lightning speeds.

Quality is important

Nothing can match up to the significance of quality. Offering high-quality and valuable products is the best thing to do for your customers. Potential and ingenious consumers will always choose top-quality products which can add value to their everyday life. You will have the best chance to make a mark in the professional arena.

These effective and insightful strategies will lead to improved CLV for your e-commerce business!

10 Signs You Should Invest In SEO In 2017

il y a 5 mois

SEO or Search Engine Optimization happens to be a profitable opportunity for business owners. With the phenomenal growth and unmatched popularity of the digital landscape, SEO is nothing short of a crucial necessity. However, we can’t deny that the topic is debatable and needs various considerations.What most of the business owners agree to is, that SEO isn’t dead. With Google owning 90% of the global search market, things are quite clear for them. It’s here that we enter the present year and SEO emerges as the topic of discussion again. Let’s find out what makes it an essential investment in 2017!

The growth of the search market

Perhaps, this is the biggest sign that tells you to invest in SEO. Investing in a comprehensive SEO package will help you connect to numerous consumers online. Since every customer has a smartphone today, search can take place anywhere and everywhere. The right SEO plan will help you make a mark.

Consumer expectations

Whether it’s for a job or salsa lessons, you will hardly come across a person who doesn’t look up the online directories. In other words, your target customers and visitors want you to be visible on search engines, and this trend has increased in 2017.

Need for Continuous traffic

If you already have an online presence and also receive huge amounts of traffic from it, it’s a potential sign that you should continue with it. Improving your digital presence will help you get a continuous flow of traffic to your site.

High-quality traffic

Your site traffic can come from various sources. However, you will like to get it from high-quality sources as that will lead to successful conversions and convert your visitors into leads and customers.

Good ROIs

High business returns are what every business owner wants to achieve. If you run your business, you will surely want to maximize your profits and make the most of your existing resources. With a targeted and actionable SEO plan, you will get good returns on investment.

Distrust and unreliability

When consumers don’t rely on your products and services or don’t take you seriously as a brand, it’s high time to invest in SEO. A strong digital presence will add value to your brand.

Branding efforts

The top brands in the market will always have a remarkable online presence. If you want to build your business venture as a brand, Search Engine Optimization / SEO company will help you do so.

Lack of quality links

If you lack quality partnerships and vital business links in the professional arena, SEO can help you out. Trusted domains and an attractive website can get you more leads and dependable partnerships.

Want to be the leader

If you wish to carve a distinctive niche for your brand, an SEO-friendly web presence and website will be of paramount significance. Higher ranks in search engines will fetch you more customers and followers.

Irrelevant analytics

Business data analytics is quite important for every entrepreneur today. SEO will help them track, manage, and record business growth thus helping them gain access to actionable insights and analytics.

These ten symptoms or signs will clearly explain why you need to get SEO-ready in 2017! Contact Continuum for a free consultation for all your digital marketing requirements.