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Media Release CanNet New Pricing Plans in the Market Will Help Customers to Get Relief from High Cost

2016-11-25 Media Release (11/18/2016) ONTARIO - Customers of CanNet will find the relief by getting the high internet services at Low prices, which is floating in the Canadian Market. This new evaluating plans, which indicate extensively bring download speed and upload speeds high at comparable value focuses as the organization's past web arranges.

CanNet new plans offer better esteem for cash and customers are getting the quality internet at fair cost. For instance, a $49.98 cable plan will give you download Speed up to 100, 60 mbps, which is totally justice to the Canadian people. These cable internet plans are live now in Canada and this move has the support many customers to save the cost.

Experts from CanNet Telecom Inc. said that circumstance is intelligent in telecommunications service and benefits Canada population on this new Launch. We are also launching subway templates soon to make aware the people of Canada regarding the new plans.


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CanNet Telecom Inc. Launches New High Speed Cable Internet Plans in Canada (ON, BC, MB, QC and SK)


Canadian Residents have saved a thousand of Dollars with CanNet Telecom. This News is on the launch of new CanNet cable internet Plans in Canada to support the customers with the Nominal prices. Media Release (11/08/2016) Toronto, ON - Across the Canada, CanNet now offer their customer a superior approach to communicate to buy the new Cable plans which are launched in Canada recently at nominal cost. This new arrangement gives chance to customer to utilize the technology in those areas where it was not available earlier. This new business is setup to support the customers to use the technology independently in large and small areas.



Is Cable Internet the Right Choice for You

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When determining if Cable Internet is the best connection for you it is best to take the following thoughts into consideration: 

How saturated is your neighbourhood?
Are you living in a house or a building?
What are you primarily using the internet for?
How many people are using the internet? 
How many devices are running simultaneously?

Throughout this article these questions will be elaborated, which should help you determine if a cable internet connection is best for you; as well as verify what speed is most ideal for your home networking needs.  

How Saturated is Your Neighbourhood? 

If you live in a highly populated area, such as downtown Toronto, you may want to go with a higher bandwidth to make up for speed fluctuations during peak hours (between 5pm-11pm). Cable uses a shared network and most people tend to be using the internet most frequently between those hours. If everyone in your building is on a Cable network; you may get better results by choosing a FTTN/DSL connection instead. 

Are You Living in a House or Building? 

If you are living in a building and all your neighbours are on a Cable network then there is a higher chance of speed congestion. However, if all your neighbours are using FTTN then there will be far less interruption. In some cases, your building will only have Cable internet restrictions, in which case we recommend to go with a higher speed to make up for the congestion. 

What are you primarily using the Internet For? 

If you are an avid streamer or gamer, it is best to go with a higher speed to support those activities. CanNet Telecom offers Cable Internet speeds up to 250/10M, which can cater to any home networking needs. 

However, if you are primarily using the internet for surfing, light browsing or emailing then it may be better to go with less bandwidth. 

How Many People Are Using the Internet? 

If there are simultaneous users it can lead to congestion in your network; to alleviate this type of jamming it is recommended to go with a higher speed/bandwidth. Although all of our plans are completely unlimited that does not mean you won’t experience lagging and congestion if you are exceeding your bandwidth capacity. 

How Many Devices Are Running Simultaneously? 

Another factor to take into consideration is the amount of devices running at the same time. Nowadays, people run their handhelds, laptops/tablets, gaming devices, androids, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone) simultaneously, which are all using the same network. When you have several people using multiple devices in the same house hold, there is definitely a need to go with a faster bandwidth. 

Want More Information? 

To find out more about CanNet services you can visit our website at:, or you can call a live agent at 1-416-800-2323 or call our authorized agent modem outlet at1-800-880-1234; we have sales representatives, customer services agents, and technical support experts available 24/7 to assist you in any way possible. 

CanNet’s 30M Unlimited Cable Internet Offer for West Coast has been Launched

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CanNet Telecom is launching a Special Cable internet deal for all Shaw territory users. If you are looking for a reliable and fast internet connection, it's the best time to switch to CanNet.

Choose the Cable Internet Plan 30M/5M at $29.98 in West Coast area, when you pay for the year. Tailor the package to fit your needs CanNet Telecom. Pick Your Own & Theme Packs.


1.            Download speed up to 30 Mbps; Upload speed up to 5 Mbps

2.            Unlimited usage

3.            2 years price guarantee*

4.            No contract

5.            Extended warranty – 10 days full refund

6.            Free wireless device**

7.            Activation fee includes shipping fee $29.95 (Original $99.95)



**Monthly $29.98 for two years, after $39.98 plus taxes

**Wireless Cable modem $0/month (Original $4.98)

** Upon cancellation need to return the device.

For more information call us at – 1-800-208-7798

CanNet 150M Fastest Unlimited Plan at $49.98 m- Speed up Your Entire Home

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It is very important to us that our customers enjoy a safe and secure online experience. Tired of download caps and waiting for your videos to load? CanNet Telecom helps you to stream faster and download all you like with our Unlimited Data plans. Speed up your
entire home with one of our lightning fast plans below.

Only CanNet Telecom can come with the internet service as Canada’s fastest ISP

Enjoy the convenience and value of a Cable 150M Unlimited Plan and keep up to date with all the newest products and features without having to commit to a fixed term.

Please see below what the Cable150M Package Includes:

• Up to 150M download speeds
• FREE wired cable modem rental
• 10 day full money back guarantee; try the services completely risk free!
• Completely unlimited services; no bandwidth throttling, caps or restrictions
• Promotional price $49.98 guaranteed for the first 2 years of service
• Lowest prices on the market
• Great reception and infrastructure

The Features CanNet is offering to customers are below:

• No Modem rental for wired device.
• Wireless Cable modem $2/month.
• First time $29.95 activation including shipping and it will be credited back on first invoice.
• Monthly $49.98 for two years, after $69.98 plus taxes.
• Upon cancellation need to return the device.
• Extended warranty – 10 days full refund.

You'll get 24/7 access to your own, personal expert by phone or chat. We'll help keep the tech gear your family relies on running exactly like it should.

To ensure that you have the smooth and fast experience you want, you need to choose an internet package that offers enough speed to support all the devices in your home that are online at the same time.

The Best Internet Plan & Offer for Rogers Area- Contract Free

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CanNet is unlimited Internet service plans, you can choose presented a series that can save your budget

The best Internet Cable plan we have to offer over the cable is 75M Plan. With this connection you can enjoy unlimited browsing and HD streaming. There will not be any interruption during surfing or watching the important video.

You may click on any of the unlimited cable Internet service plan below to explore the best price and internet:

Here are the Promotion Terms:

  • Plan – 75M Cable Internet at $29.98/m
  • Download peed -75Mnps
  • Upload Speed -10Mbps

Can-Net will offer customers Special promotion plans in Rogers’s area.

  • No installation & shipping Fee upfront
  • 30 days extended quality warranty.
  • No Contract
  • Wired & Wireless modem to own**
  • 2 Year Lowest price guarantee

Customers must sign up through an authorized agent or online at

**** Wired Modem: monthly Rental $4.98

**** Wireless modem additional charges $9.98 will be applied ($100 hardware deposit may be required on selective modems)

**** Customer can select either deposit $100 or credit check to see if can waive deposit or not.

Speed :- Upto 75M /10M

** 2 Year Price $29.98, after $59.98 plus taxes.

** Modem :- No need to return over 2 years from the date of activation

** Upon Cancellation less than 2 Years:- Modem must be returned otherwise modem original price will be applied.

** Extended warranty – if not satisfied within 30 days from activation will do full refund once equipment returned.

**** To decide if can waive security deposit or not, Customer needs to authorize CanNet to conduct credit check when customer is ordering service from Can-net. Based on the credit history, Can-net has sole decision to determine if any security deposit required or not for monthly service and/or hardware.


For more information visit online or call 416-800-2323

Cable Internet 75M Promotion Plan from CanNet Telecom only at $29.98 m.

il y a 2 mois

Are you frustrated with your internet speed and looking for fast Cable internet service in Ontario? Instead, you spend time waiting for connections and downloads, only to end with a dropped connection. Don’t worry CanNet Telecom is the ISP in Canada, which runs great offers every month for the Ontario Residents. No matters you use internet to browse the web, uploading or downloading the videos or even you play online games.

To do practically anything online today, you need both speed and reliability.

CanNet Telecom brings Cable 75M Internet plan you can depend on. With high speed Internet, you get what you want. Here are just a few of the many things you can easily do with fast Internet.

Stream movies and videos from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

Connect with others via email and social media.

Skype with those you miss most and feel like you are in the same room.

Download files, apps, photos, and software.

Play online games that you enjoy.

We do have a trained staff and they will be happy to help you to decide on the best plan to meet your needs. We are proud to be the provider of fast Internet service in your area. Call at 416-800-2323 now and speak with a CanNet Telecom to get started or visit to order -

CanNet 75M Unlimited High-Speed Cable Internet with FREE Installation

il y a 2 mois

CanNet Telecom is proud to announce we will now be offering a full credit back on our already discounted installation fee of $29.95 + tax. On the day of sign up the installation fee will be deducted from your PAP (Pre-Authorized Payment) method; Visa, Visa Debit or Master Card.

This promotion is being offered at the unbelievably low price of $34.98/month + modem rental fees; this price is also guaranteed for the first 2 years of service! Throughout this article we will discuss someone of the highlights of the promotion and cover the relevant details.

Sign up to Installation

We need a minimum of 7 days notice for a new installation; on the day of installation will be your billing cycle moving forward; on that date you will also be credited back the $29.95 which includes: installation by a Rogers technician, shipping of your modem via Canada Post, as well as any activation fees.

It takes approximately 24-48 hours for your order to be approved by Rogers once we have submitted it through their portal. Once the order is accepted we will send you a text message confirming your installation time and date; then our shipping department will prepare your equipment and have it sent through Canada Post; you will be emailed a tracking number.

Promotional Features

Download speed: 75Mbps; Upload speed 10Mbps

Completely unlimited usage; no bandwidth throttling, caps or restrictions

$34.98/month promotional price is guaranteed for the first 2 years of service

There is no contract

Upfront fee of $29.95 credited back on first invoice; covers the following: shipping of your modem via Canada Post, Installation by Rogers technician, as well as activation fees.

Installation can be done 7 days from the day of sign up

ONLY for customers living within a Rogers serviceable region; check with agent for eligibility:

Customers must sign up through an authorized agent or online at:

Surf the Internet Freely

Can-Net has been a registered member of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television Telecommunication Commission) since our inception and have always followed their rules and guidelines regarding ITMP (Internet Traffic Management Practices). We offer completely unlimited services with no bandwidth throttling, caps or restrictions whatsoever.

We also offer a full 10 day money back guarantee to any customer who is dissatisfied. This affords our customers the luxury of trying our services completely risk free; our modems also include a lifetime warranty, as long as they are not physically damaged.

Modem Options:

You have the option of going with a wired modem, which is more practical if you already have your own personal router; or you can go with the built if Wi-Fi modem which will save you hassle of purchasing a third party

Wired modem rental is $4.98/month

The wired modem provided would either be a Technicolor TC4350 or Hitron CDA3-20; depending on availability).

Wi-Fi rental is $9.98/month + $100 deposit

The Wi-Fi modem provided would be the Technicolor DPC3848V, which uses cutting edge technology, which is why it is priced so high.

Start Saving Today!

If you are interested in signing up for the aforementioned Cable 75M Internet Promotion, there are three avenues you may choose at your convenience:

Call a live Can-Net representative: +1-(416)-800-2323

Call a sponsored Can-Net Agent (Modem Outlet): 1-(800)-880-1234

CanNet Launched 75M Unlimited High Speed Cable Internet for Rogers Area

il y a 3 mois

CanNet Telecom has launched a brand new high-speed cable internet package which is affordable to each and every Canadian household. For the extremely courteous price of $34.98/month + modem rental fees, you can have access to unlimited Cable 75M internet

Every Internet user has different preferences and thus need different plans to cater to their lifestyles. With this current promotion we want all of our customers to enjoy the benefits of truly unlimited high speed Cable 75M internet with no contract, for an extremely affordable price.

We will honour the discounted rate for the first 2 years; from the 3rd year onward standard rates will apply and are liable to change due to market fluctuations.

Plan Details

Download speed: 75Mbps; Upload speed: 10Mbps
Completely unlimited usage 
Price is guaranteed for the first 2 years of service 
No contract
10 day money back warranty 

Modem Options

There are two options for modem rental; either wired or wireless, which we will discuss in further detail bellow:

  • Wired Modem Rental: Technicolor TC4350 / Hitron CDA3-20 (Depending on availability) 
  • Rental fee: $4.98/month
  • You can purchase this modem for $99; however, this would waive your 2 year guarantee
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Modem Rental: Cisco DPC3848 
  • Rental fee: $6.98
  • Currently there is no purchasing option for this modem

Can-Net’s 10 Day Warranty

We want our customers to feel comfortable about their purchase before making any final decisions, which is why we offer our 10 day full money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with the services, we will offer you a full refund. 
Sign Up Process 

If you are interested in signing up for the aforementioned promotion, or would just like further information please contact a live Can-Net representative at: +1-(416)-800-2323. You can also visit our website if you would like a more detailed background on our company and products at:  

If you would like to sign up online the promotional link is:; simply follow the steps and fill the mandatory fields. You can also register through one of our licensed agents Modem outlet at: 1-800-880-1234.

  • Installation will take place approximately 7 days from the day the order is placed. 
  • Once your order is approved by Rogers, we will text you to confirm your desired installation time and date. 
  • Our shipping department will then prepare your equipment and send it via Canada Post, which will arrive before the installation date. 

What are the Advantages of TPIA (Third Party Internet Access)

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At Can-Net Telecom we are a TPIA provider who has aligned ourselves with the largest proprietary ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in the country to ensure that every Canadian has access to high-speed broadband internet from coast-to-coast. 

List of Vendors:

Our partnerships have allowed us to service Canadians across 6 provinces throughout the country, with the most competitive prices on the market.

  • Rogers
  • Bell
  • Cogeco
  • Shaw
  • Videotron

Other Affiliations:

We have also been a registered member of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission) since our inception and have always followed their rules and guidelines regarding TPIA and ITMP (Internet Traffic Management Practices).

Can-Net does not perform any types of ITMP including:


  • Bandwidth throttling 
  • Usage capping 
  • Or restrictions of any kind; all services are completely unlimited.

Advantages of Joining Can-Net

1. Price

Our marketing team has done all the necessary research to ensure that our customers are getting the absolute lowest prices on the market. We are affiliated with the top ISPs in the country and offer their services at a significantly reduced rate. 
We remain confident that our product yields the greatest value in terms on quality, unlimited high speed internet service.

2. Availability 

Our partnerships have allowed us to provide all Canadians access to the best reception in the jurisdiction at lowest price on the market.  We can provide high-speed broadband internet in 6 provinces throughout the country including:

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta 
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan 

3. Selection 

These ties have also allowed us to provide our customers with more selection; for both price and bandwidth. We also afford our customers the luxury of choosing between FTTN and Cable internet; if both technologies are available in your jurisdiction. 

4.10 Day Warranty

We allow our customers to try our services for 10 days from the day of installation completely risk free. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied, we will offer you a full money back guarantee. 

5. Completely Unlimited

Our customers can download, stream, game, etc. As much as they like without penalty; we do not implement any overage charges, fines or penalties for over use.

Want to Know More? 

If you would like to know which services are available in your price along with any current promotions we may be having please call a live Can-Net representative at: +1-(800)-208-7798. You can also visit our website if you would like a more detailed background on our company and products at:  We look forward to hearing from you! 

The Offer End's on 29th July’17 - 100M Unlimited Cable Internet Package

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CanNet Telecom is announced that the 100M/10M unlimited cable internet package will end on 29th July’17 and the cost will increase from $39.98/m to $59.98/m This blog will discuss the plan details, from sign up to installation. We will also discuss the plan details and elaborate the specifics in more detail.

With our new bandwidth we have taken the affordability of unlimited broadband internet to new heights. The plan is being solicited at an unbelievably low price of $39.98/month.

Modem Options:

1. Wired Modem: Hitron CDA3-20

Rental: $4.98/month

Purchase: $99 (which would automatically void installation, shipping and activation fees)

2. Wireless Mode: Cisco DPC 3848

Rental: $6.98/month

Currently there is no purchasing option for this device

Upfront Fees

Each new sign up is charged $29.95 upon sign up, which is actually discounted from the original charge of $99. This fee will cover the following arrangements:

Installation by a Rogers Technician
Shipping of your modem through Canada Post
As well as activation fees.

A Rogers technician performs installation because they own the infrastructure, so both installation and deactivation can only be performed by a technician from the proprietary ISP. However, everything else will be handled by our Can-Net staff; we are simply selling their services at a discounted rate.

We are required to provide the Rogers technical staff at least 7 days notice. Therefore, installation can be performed a week from activation payment.

Absolute Lowest Prices on the Market

Our marketing team has done the necessary research to ensure we are offering the absolute lowest prices on the market; guaranteed!

At CanNet we remain confident our product yields the greatest value, in terms of quality high-speed unlimited internet services.

Completely Risk Fee

We allow our customers to try our product for 10 days with a full money back guarantee if they are dissatisfied. This affords our customers the luxury of trying our services risk free before making any long term commitments.

Completely Unlimited Services

The package is completely unlimited.
We perform zero ITMP (Internet Traffic Management Practices).
There are no penalties or hidden charges for excessive usage.
There is absolutely no bandwidth throttling, caps or restrictions of any kind.

We have been a registered member of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission) since our induction and have always followed their rules and guidelines.

Plan Highlights

No contract.
Completely unlimited services.
The promotional price is guaranteed for 2 years.
Download speed: 100Mbps / Upload speed: 10Mbps.
Great reception; our primary vendor for this bandwidth is Rogers.
One time installation fee of $29.95.


Our head office is open Monday- Friday from 9am-6pm.
Our call center is available 24/7, which caters to sales inquiries, customer service needs and technical support.
We currently only provide support in English.

How to Get Started?

For more information regarding our new promotion, or other Can-Net products please visit our website at:; or call a live representative at +1(416)-800-2323.

Buy 100M Unlimited Cable Internet Last Chance Offer! - CanNet Offer

il y a 8 mois

CanNet Telecom Inc is proud to announce that we will be expanding our 100M Unlimited High Speed Cable Internet Promotion to everywhere currently being serviced by Rogers within Ontario. To prepare for this expansion, we also just added 5 x 10GE Fiber to meet customer demands and expected growth.

To celebrate this huge expansion, we will be offering two special deals to all qualified customers effective as of March 15, 2017 until April 27,

1. Free switch offer

Any Customers signing up for Can-Net’s 100M Unlimited Cable Internet Package will be charged a $29.95 activation fee, which will be credited back on your first invoice.

This only applies for customers who are opting the modem rental Option. If you purchase a 24 x 8 wired modem at $99, the activation fee will be waived upfront.

2. Free switch with wired modem free rental for 2 years

Any customers who are currently using an Unlimited Single FTTN 25M Plan at $34.99/M; FTTN 50M Plan at $39.99; Cable 30M at $34.99 or Cable 100M at 39.99$, Can-Net will offer 100M Unlimited Internet at $39.98 for 2 years with free wired cable modem rental.

The $29.95 activation fee will be charged when ordering and will be credited back on your first invoice, which is produced the day of installation.

• Qualified customers must sign up through an authorized agent or online at
• In order to qualify you must produce an invoice from your current ISP and mail it to with your order number.

Plan Details

  • Bandwidth: 100Mbps download; 10Mbps upload
  • Monthly fee of $39.98 is guaranteed for first two years; $59.98 after.
  • All CanNet Packages are completely unlimited, with no caps, restrictions or bandwidth throttling whatsoever.
  • There are absolutely no contractual obligations; if the customer is dissatisfied we have a 10 day full money back guarantee.
  • The plan can easily support a large household with several devices running simultaneously; if you do a lot of gaming, streaming, etc.
  • The plan will expire as of April 28, 2017.
  • Modem options: Wired rental $4.99, wireless $6.99
  • The initial $29.95 activation which includes shipping, will credit back on customer’s first invoice.
  • Modem purchase CD3-20 24x8 modem (wired): $99 + $29.95 activation will be waived.

CanNet’s 10 Day Money Back Guarantee!

To put potential customers’ minds at ease we have a full 10 day refund policy so there should be no hesitation to try the product risk free.
If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied, we will send you return label for the device; once we have received the device you will receive a full refund.
Once issued it can take up to 5 business days to be refunded, or 1 under extreme circumstances.

CanNet Does Not Implement ITMP

As a licensed Internet Service Provider registered in the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television Telecommunication Commission), we are following the CRTC rules and guidelines for ITMP, currently we are not implementing any ITMP in our network for any application at any time of day.

CanNet Telecom has been a licensed ISP since 2009, and was registered with the CRTC that same year.

This is your last chance to receive the 100M Unlimited Cable Internet Package is it will be dissolved at the end of April! The plan will then be replaced by two different plans: 75M Unlimited and 150M Unlimited. So make sure to take advantage of this High Speed Broadband Internet plan, which currently gives you the most bang-for-your-buck throughout the entire Canadian telecommunication industry.

We are also providing 24X7 live support by phone, online chat and email for non-technical; and for technical issue. For any questions or concern about our products or services, you can always escalate the case to and we will happy to provide the answers you may need. To talk with a live CanNet agent call 1.800.208.7798.

CanNet Telecom-Last Date to Order Unlimited Cable Internet Plan is 27Th April’2017

il y a 9 mois

Every customer wants to know which plan will suit their needs for the unlimited and higher speed. Cannet is one of the top ISP which will help you to choose the right plan according to the location.

We offer a Cable Internet packages to our customer according to their choice. The cable promotion plan gives you the unlimited high speed up to 100Mpbs.You can enjoy surfing the great fast internet for online gaming, watching YouTube or Netflix.

The last date to order the cable internet plan is April 27th, 2017. Order the Plan online before it ends up. Use the Promotion Code CAN100.

By clicking on the Cable 100M Promotion in Ontario, you can access a series of purchase options, including home phone. Ultimately, our goal is to help you to create a subscription under your budget and count on not changing it every month.

Choose any one of the unlimited cable Internet plans mentioned on the website according to the location and explore the purchase options and the cost associated with the plans. Also please keep your credit card ready when you call to buy a cable high speed internet Packages.

Below are te features which are mentioned:

  • There is no contract with this plan, or any of the other CanNet plans.
  • The package is completely unlimited; there are no caps, restrictions or bandwidth throttling of any kind.
  • This is your final chance to get a truly elite residential speed at an unbeatable price; if you were thinking of making the switch do it before time runs out!
  • The plan comes equip with the Cisco DPC3848 with wired and wireless AC Dual band router.
  • There is also the option of using the Hitron CDA-3 wired modem, for users who prefer using their own router for their home network.
  • All equipment has a lifetime warranty and will be replaced as long as broken from normal use.
  • This plan is only eligible for customers within a Rogers serviced area; The GTA, Ottawa and Kitchener.
  • There is a 10 day money back warranty for anyone dissatisfied with their service.
  • Keep in mind installation fee will not be refunded once installation takes place.

Click and choose cable high speed unlimited internet packages according to your province. For More information call us at 416-800-2323 or visit our website For service availability please call a live agent at: 1.800.208.7798.

How to select the Right Internet Plan for you

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This Article will help you on how you can select the right internet plan without any issues. Basically nowadays, mostly internet providers are offering the internet plans at competitive cost but many people don’t know how to choose the plans which make them worry free from slow speed. Select the Longer Period for Internet Plans.

According to today's variation there are many modems and selected plans which can help you out to get rid off from the slow speed. When you sign up for the longer periods such as 2 years, you have been provided the modem and if you are not inclined to sign up for longer periods then the modem will cost more so the choice is yours. It really comes down to personal preference and also to the added cost.

Internet Plan vs. Monthly Cost

• Many Internet Service Providers’ wants that the customer should take plan for at least 2 years
• If you can do so, you will get heavy discount on the plans and which is beneficial for you.
• Connection fee - Some providers charge a setup/connection fee but waive it when you sign up for 2 years
• There will no term to signup
• You will get unlimited high speed
• No Shipping cost will be applicable and many more

Suggestion- Before taking any plan do check their website and what offers are running out.

Internet connection speed i.e downloads and uploads – You are guided to choose the internet plans according to you local area. You will be offered unlimited data with the unlimited high speed at low cost.

Plans Recommendation - You can save up to $240 according to the plans

• Cable 250M Internet Plan
Cable 100M Internet Plan
• Cable 60M Internet Plan
• Cable 30M Internet Plan
• Cable 15M Internet Plan

Here are benefits of availing the cable plans

• No Term
• No Shipping Charges
• Unlimited High Speed cable Internet Plans
• Monthly Lease to Own Option Available
• Monthly Rental Option Available
• Monthly Purchase Option Available
• $10 OFF on each Plan per month (Use promotion Code “CAN100”)
• 2 years Unlimited Internet at $49.98/m and less than this
• Plus Instant Processing Fee Credit $70

This selection will help to keep your costs down. If you feel you need more speed or download then make enquiries accordingly. Check the website for further information on choosing an internet plan or call us at 416-800-2323

Why the Download Speed is Higher than the Upload Speed

il y a 10 mois

In today's society it is much more pertinent to receive information at a higher volume than we put out; that is why there has always been much more emphasis placed on download speed over upload speed. Together these terms dictate your bandwidth; the amount of information that can be sent and received by a single user; the slower your speed is the more chances of congestion or buffering occur during usage.

CanNet Telecom has partnered with all major ISP's across Canada and is dedicatedly proving our customers with the fastest download and upload speed available in the market.

Here are the definitions of Uploading vs. Downloading:

Uploading: It is the amount of data being sent from your device to the internet i.e. Sending emails, posting photos or using your webcam.

Downloading: It is the amount of data being received by your computer or device via the internet.

Essentially uploading is when the user copies a file from their computer to another location; downloading is when the user copies a file to their computer from an external source. If a single user uploads a file to the internet, other users are able to download those files from the same network.


CanNet Telecom offers a standard upload speed of 10Mbps with the majority of our packages; excluding our 250M/20M High Speed Cable Internet Package, which has an upload speed of 20Mbps. The reason upload speeds have become more prominent is because before entering a website, the device must first send a request to download; this represents only a fraction of the overall bandwidth, which is why CanNet Telecom, along with all other major ISP's provide an upload speed that is only a fraction of the download speed.

Upload speeds are most vital when performing the following:

  • Uploading images and videos to social media.
  • Sending emails.
  • Gamers use a hefty amount of upload and download speed because there is constant information being relayed back and forth.
  • Many modern applications place greater emphasis on upload speed than in the past.


The advantage of a higher download speed is lot more obvious; opposed to its counterpart. CanNet Telecom is currently offering promotions on both our 100M Unlimited High Speed Cable Internet Package, as well as, our 50M Unlimited High Speed FTTN package.

Download speeds are a lot more functional and useful to the average user. Here are some advantages of faster download speeds:

  1. Faster Page loading times: Open as many pages on your browser simultaneously, without interruption or buffering.
  2. Uninterrupted streaming: Television is slowly fading out of the lime light, while streaming has become a more preferred method of viewing now-a-days.
  3. Multiple users: The faster your speed and bandwidth, the more devices that can be used at the same time.
  4. Gaming: Although upload speed is crucial for gamers; there are much more practical and simpler methods of watching your favourite programs.
  5. Online, real-time gamers require constant two-way communication with their online fellowship.
  6. Browsing: The average website takes approximately 1Mbps to load.

How to Increase my Download/Upload Speed

CanNet has been providing High Speed Broadband Internet since our inception in 2009. We have speeds starting at 15/10M all the way up to 250/20M, to accommodate every home networking system. We give our customers the luxury of choosing a speed and bandwidth that best caters to their needs.

In addition, the Canadian government has granted mass expenditures towards the Telecommunication industry this year, which will allow every Canadian the opportunity to experience high speed broadband internet, even in smaller-rural areas. The intervention should lead to an increase in upload and download speeds country wide.

In Conclusion

Having faster download and upload speeds is a worthwhile investment for consumers with a large household supporting various devices and methods of entertainment. It can also improve home networking systems for consumers who are avid gamers and streamers, as well as those who need a strong network for their careers.

There will always be more emphasis placed on download speed because it is used more frequently. However, as the telecommunication industry continues to grow, new speeds will become available to the public and we should see a surge in upload speeds in the near future.

What are the New FTTN Plans at Offered by CanNet Telecom

il y a 10 mois

CanNet Telecom has been providing cutting edge internet services at an affordable rate since our inception in 2009. We proud to announce we will be soliciting our 50M FTTN Unlimited Promotional Plan for $39.98/month! We now offer our customers the luxury on choosing their preferred broadband internet service, DSL or cable. All of our Fiber Internet Packages will be completely unlimited with no cap or restrictions.

What Is DSL?

The conventional cable connection uses technology previously harnessed by cable television providers, whereas DSL uses a telephone jacks. The abbreviation stands for "Direct Subscriber Line". Originally internet connections were provided through a phone line using dial up which would hold the line hostage the duration you're connected. DSL separates Internet frequencies from your telephone which allows customers to use both simultaneously.

Advantages of DSL/FTTN Technology:

CanNet Telecom uses FTTN which is an abbreviation for "Fiber to the Node". This form of broadband internet technology uses optical fiber from a central database linked to a neighbourhood box and then runs to your home through a phone line. The remaining area from the node to the individual is referred to as the "last mile" and is no more than 500 meters from the customer's house; this service is generally achieved through a coaxial or twisted-pair wire connection.

  1. One of the greatest benefits of our FTTN Unlimited Internet Packages is the ability to deliver data efficiently over fiber optic lines.
  2. Opposed to cable lines which can experience more restrictions.
  3. Cable internet can be unpredictable and generally experiences congested nodes during peak hours (5pm-12am).
  4. FTTN does not use the same shared network as Cable which means there will be fewer fluctuations during peak hours.
  5. The speeds of fiber-optic and copper cables are both limited by length, but copper is much more sharply limited in this respect.
  6. Most metropolitan network links i.e. those based on telephone or cable television services are several miles long; in that range fiber significantly outperforms copper.
  7. CanNet's FTTN infrastructure replaces at least part of these links with fiber optic technology, which shortens the remaining copper segments and allows them to run more efficiently and faster.
  8. Fiber Internet configurations that bring fiber directly into the building can offer the highest speeds since the remaining segments can use standard Ethernet or coaxial cable.
  9. Fiber technology is often said to be "future-proof" because the data rate of the connection is usually limited by the terminal equipment rather than the fiber; permitting at least some speed improvements by equipment upgrades before the fiber itself must be upgraded.

Why Choose CanNet Telecom?

  1. Unlimited download and upload usage - CanNet is providing truly unlimited download and upload usage under our residential fair usage policy.
  2. There are no caps on all of DSL / FTTN / Fiber Optic Service Plans; every package is completely unlimited.
  3. Fastest speed v/s lowest price - Our FTTN Unlimited Internet package is sold far below market value; with CanNet you have access to elite internet services at a fraction of the cost.
  4. High availability - CanNet Telecom has the infrastructure and experience to accommodate each customer's needs and wants; been operating since 2009 and have partnered with all major ISP's across 6 provinces.
  5. We have been in partnership with Bell since our inception, who has been the leading provider of Fiber Optic / FTTN / DSL in Canada.
  6. No contract- With Can-Net there are no contractual obligations
  7. 10 days Full refund warranty - Can-net is the only Internet Service Provider who provides a 10 day full refund warranty for our internet services.
  8. Hardware life time warranty - All Can-Net hardware sold has a life time warranty, i.e. as long as long as you are a Can-Net customer your hardware will be replaced free of charge; if broken from normal usage.
  9. CanNet has great support - Our customer and technical support are knowledgeable on a majority of issues. Questions are solved or answered by our online live support team; all of other requests via our online ticket system which is processed within 24 hours.

CanNet Telecom is now giving our customers the option of choosing between our 100M Unlimited Cable package, and our 50M Unlimited FTTN Package. This is especially advantageous to customers who live in small rural towns where large cable providers cannot reach. Often times, there is only DSL/ FTTN available in those areas, which makes this plan a great alternative.

Why Ethernet is better than Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi Vs Ethernet

New generations have obviously become more accustomed to using Wi-Fi because it is perceivably more convenient; especially with the spike in the use of smart phone technology. That is why CanNet recommends our customers use a third party router device which will best cater to their networking needs.

Furthermore, the use of an Ethernet connection is the only way CanNet can guarantee internet speeds an also helps our technical staff to assist you if necessary.

However, Ethernet offers advantages over its counter-part such as:

1. Faster speeds

2. Lower latency

3. No wireless interference related issues

4. Reliability / Consistency

The issue of latency can be considered when dealing with a Wi-Fi connection , which is more pertinent to gamers who need reaction time to be as fast as possible. Also customers who do a lot of streaming, or own an android device do not want to experience buffering and loading while using the internet.

How Much Faster Is Ethernet?

Ethernet has always been the faster connection; there is no better way to guarantee your internet speed unless it is wired directly to your PC. However, Wi-Fi technology has improved drastically over the past few years which are bridging the gap significantly closer.

1. The latest Wi-Fi technology can handle up to 150Mbps which is appropriate for most users however; some users go above that speed and use our 250M Unlimited Cable Internet Plan

2. The maximum output speed of your Ethernet cable is completely dependent on what type of ISP you are using.

3. CanNet Telecom is a third party provider and is partnered with all major providers across 6 provinces since 2009, to ensure our customers are receiving the best internet cable reception available.

4. Currently all the top cable modems in the industry which CanNet distribute, do not come equip with Wi-Fi because it would be its secondary function and affect the speed.

Why Don’t CanNet Modems Come with Wireless?

All CanNet Cable modems DO NOT come with Wi-Fi for three reasons:

1. CanNet has committed of providing high quality internet services and products to our customers, therefore we provide the best cable modems on the modem which do not come with build in Wi-Fi devices because it will reduce internet speed.

2. Wi-Fi technology is ever evolving at a rapid rate; from 802.11b/n/g, to today 802.11AC, to future AD. The Wireless router has become a key component in customer home network. Most customers prefer to pick a router that best suits their lifestyle and budget.

3. A wired cable connection is the fastest and most precise way for our technical staff to troubleshoot and diagnose any issue; in the case it’s needed.

Wireless Interference

1. Ethernet cables are less subject to interference than Wi-Fi connections; Ethernet cables can sometimes experience signal degradation, however it is much easier to troubleshoot and avoid.

2. Unlike Wi-Fi, once the device is set up properly it should work efficiently without experiencing random interference.

Wi-Fi may experience external interference from your neighbours networks, shared Wi-Fi spectrum, as well as physical objects which can cause a buffer; some areas of the home might have better reception than others. That’s why it’s hard to guarantee Wi-Fi speeds and connections because there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

Best Opportunities for Ethernet Use

CanNet Telecom doesn’t restrict the the users to simply avoid Wi-Fi, wherin only mentioned the advantages of Ethernet and why we give our customers the option of choosing their own wireless network.

Wi-Fi can be tremendously useful in a day of smart phones, tablets and laptops it makes daily routines and tasks much simpler.

Ethernet connections are more appropriate when dealing with:

1. Desktop PCs
2. Game consoles
3. TV/Streaming/Android
4. Seated Laptops

The Freedom of Choice

As we know that there are many ISP which doesnot suggest the right optiin to the users ,therefore our motive is to suggest the right option to choose which is better.

1. The highlights are on advantages of a wired Ethernet cable connection and why we choose to distribute our product without wireless.

2. We want to the leave the choice with the consumer on the best means to support their home networking system; whether they desire an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration such as:

1. How much square footage needs to be covered?
2. How many people are using the internet?
3. What is the internet’s primary use? Etc.

Once you have taken all of these factors into consideration they can make an educated decision on whether Ethernet is the best option; or which type of wireless router best supports your network.

Currently we are offering a promotion for 100M unlimited high speed cable internet for $49.98/month using the promotional code “CAN100”.

There is also a similar 60M unlimited high speed cable internet promotion plan; for areas where 100M is unavailable, using the same promotional code. Check out our Offcial CanNet website.

CanNet Telecom - Introducing Facts mentioned by CRTC and New implementations on Internet Services


The CanNet Telecom highlight upon the new plans offer & rules for the new customers on New Year 2017 . There are some exciting ventures and implementations being introduced in 2017 by The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications commission (CRTC) to expand Canada’s high speed infrastructure country wide.

CRTC Introducing Mandatory Use of Broadband Technology Canada-wide

As of December 21, 2016 the CRTC met to discuss new massive government funding; up to $750 million above existing government programs, to increase the high speed broad band networks across Canada and to ensure each user can avail download speed upto 100 Mbps and upload speed up to 10 Mbps CanNet Telecom on the other side offers the 100M unlimited high speed Cable plans at $49.98/m. In 2015, 82% of Canadians had access to speed of 100 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload for fixed broadband services; they hope to reach 90% by the end of 2017.

Mandatory Broad Band Requirements

When the CRTC first did its evaluation it consulted over 50,000 Canadians and feedback on how to improve the digital telecommunication economy. In order to raise the bar on the Canadian Telecommunication market the CRTC has set mandatory fulfilments each provider must reach to participate in the digital economy:

  • Must have speeds of 100 Mbps and a down load speed of 10 Mbps by any broadband ISP
  • Each ISP must include the option for unlimited data access with no broadband restrictions.

The Issue of Affordable Pricing

One issue which was not properly addressed was affordable pricing for high speed internet; especially in less saturated regions who already pay a higher average premium. The new implementations by the CRTC will be advantageous to the customers who would like to exceed 50Mbps Once the technology becomes available in those areas, CanNet’s customers will have access to the lowest prices on the market.

Currently ,CanNet Telecom has residential speeds starting at 5Mbps ranging up to 250Mpbs across 6 provinces; all of these plans and services are completely unlimited. Currently we are offering our 100M Unlimited Cable Internet Plan & 60M Unlimited Cable Internet Plan available at the highest savings . 2017 is looking bright for CanNet and the Canadian Telecommunication industry as a whole. CanNet customers in low reception areas can look forward to high speed internet at affordable costs over the coming year.

CanNet Telecom Presents Complete Guide on The Hitron CDA-RES



The modem is perfectly equipped to handle the speed and bandwidth of CanNet Telecoms current 100M Unlimited Cable Internet Plan; or 60M Unlimited Internet Plan in areas which have less accessibility. Currently both plans are on promotion for an exceedingly low rate of $49.98/month if you sign up using the promotional code “CAN100”. CanNet continues to strive to provide our customers with the industry’s leading technology and equipment at an affordable cost.

The CDA-RES is one of the newest innovations from Hitron and is a perfect solution for high speed broadband cable operators such as CanNet Telecom to transmit information to our consumers seamlessly. The technology is DOCSIS 3.0; an acronym for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. The CDA-RES can deliver speeds up to 320Mbps (8 X 4); with eight bonded downstream channels; making it 8 times faster than a conventional single-channel DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem.

What is DOCSIS?

To put it simply, DOCSIS is the international standard used for transferring data over wired cable internet. The DOCSIS metric spec, version 1.0 was originated in 1997 as a means to ensure everything could work in harmony. Version 2.0 was created in 2001 to increase the speed of upstream traffic; which lead to the creation of VOIP services such as Skype and other popular social media applications. Version 3.0 has been in use since 2006 and simultaneously distributes through multiple channels to increase bandwidth transmission.


The integrated Gigabit Ethernet port enables easy home networking, which makes installation of the CDA-RES quick, straight-forward and user friendly. CanNet delivers our modems pre-configured so all the customer has to do is simply plug in and go! We also have dedicated technician and customer service representatives who are available 24/7 to walk you through set up; this is one the reasons we do not allow the use of outside equipment, so that our technicians are able to service more adequately.


  • DOCSIS 3.0 compliant

  • 8x4 channel bonding

  • Full-featured, high bandwidth, compact economical cable modem

  • Extensive operator control via configuration file and SNMP

  • Well defined LEDs clearly display device and network status

How Do I Get the Hardware?

CanNet provides three options for you to get your hardware:

  • Purchase- Buy the equipment at the selling price and there is no need to pay monthly rental fee.

  • Rent – Device will be used on a rental basis for the duration you are with CanNet

  • Lease to own- Customer is required to enter a 2 years contract; during the contract a monthly charge will be applied and after 2 years. If the customer cancels the service after the contract term is expired; the lease equipment is not required to be returned.

** For lease to own or purchased modems, CanNet has no obligation to guarantee the equipment will work with an outside ISP.

What is CanNets Standard Hardware Warranty?

For all of the CPE devices which are required for using CanNet services, whether it is purchased, leased or rented; CanNet provides a life time warranty, i.e. as long as you are a Can-Net customer; any defective equipment will be replaced free of charge.

**Hardware broken from physical damage and not regular use are not covered under warranty

Do I need to return my hardware after I cancel my CanNet services?

CanNet provides three hardware options for customer to get Can-Net CPE:

  • Purchase

  • Rental

  • Lease

  • If your service cancellation request is made within 10 days from activation, you MUST return the hardware with original package within 7 days of the cancellation request for full refund. Restocking fee will be applied if customer returns equipment without original package or missing parts. For rental/free rental option, hardware purchase fee will be applied if hardware is not return as requested.

  • For the purchased hardware: There is no Hardware return required and there are no refunds made or necessary.

  • For Lease OR rental option you must : Return hardware with all accessories within 7 days of the cancellation to avoid additional charges; or hardware purchase fee will be applied if hardware is not return as requested. We will only refund $100 deposit fee if you wish to keep the hardware, you can notify us and the original discount price may be made available. To find out if your hardware is purchased, leased to own, or rented you can look at the plan details we shipped with the package prior to activation, or contact our 7 x 24 customer service.

The Best Technology at the Best Price

CanNet is dedicated to providing our customers with cutting edge technology at an affordable and practical price. The CDA-RES is a prime example of how we are devoted to keeping up with consumer demand for high quality internet speed and reliability by providing equipment with the capabilities to deliver. If you’re on the market for an elite ISP at a price well below market value than visit our website at:

CanNet Launched New Promo Code "CAN100" for Customers to Cut Internet Bills


CanNet have launched the new plans to cut the internet bills as compare to the competitors and launched the promo code for customers to use during the order of plans so that customers can help them from overcharge on bills.

We took a step to improve the expensive plans by offering the discounts and promo codes. We are giving leverage to the customers only on cable internet plans in Canada to enjoy the access of unlimited internet at high speed without cap. We announced that customers can avail the offers with no contract in every province.

We offers best internet services to suit your requirements and spending the budget on cable promotion plans. There are no contracts on any of our cable services and we waive shipping fees according to your convenience. We have a marked down, one time enactment charge of $29.95 with Promo Code "CAN100" to have a technician complete installation.

Most of the ISP's gives the plans with the Cap and decrease your download and upload speed, when you utilize much data however we guarantees the clients that they will appreciate unlimited internet.Enjoy your free with surfing sharing and downloading videos, movies, games.

Each and every cable internet plans saves your times and increases your speed. It depends on the people how they choose cable internet plans on the usage and area where they stay.Our High Speed Internet packages include cable15, cable30, cable60, cable 100 and cable 250M to provide you with a lot of opportunities to stream surf, download, and share. Approximately 95 % of our clients are currently on these cable plans that are more than meets their month to month family unit needs.

Probably the trusted one ISP genuinely provides you the unlimited internet access with no terms and conditions so that people can avail the data packages. In case you're searching for the fastest speed internet in Canada, try heading to CanNet, which is a famous Canadian based Internet service provider with a growing number of ISPs and offer 100M and 250M cable plans at affordable prices.

CanNet provides cable internet promotion plans in more than 18+ cities in Canada and are currently available in almost all the provinces Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan with price starting between the range of $34.98 to & 84.98/m for 2 years and also you will get the discount by applying the code "CAN100" which will reduce your price of Plan to approximately $10.